What You Need to Know About Test-Optional Before Applying to College

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More colleges than ever before allow students to apply without an SAT or ACT score, a change accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, more than 1,900 colleges give students the choice to apply without submitting a test score, representing 85% of all colleges and universities using the Common Application.[1] This is great news for those students who have difficulty accessing a test center, don’t perform well on these types of tests, or simply feel that their test scores do not accurately represent their abilities. Before making any decisions about test … Read More

What Does a Professional College Consultant Do?

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The fundamental role of independent educational consultants is to help students explore college opportunities and find the right place for them to succeed academically and socially. IECs don’t get students admitted—they help students demonstrate why they deserve to be admitted at appropriately chosen schools. They help students find colleges they might not have heard of—often out of their region—and they help students put their best foot forward. Here are 5 things families should consider when looking to hire an IEC: 1) Does the IEC belong to a professional association such … Read More