Vast Knowledge & Resources

“Cheryl helped guide our son to the college that is perfect for him. She got him to open up to her vast knowledge and resources so the decision was his own. We appreciated her support and insight.”

—Marsha W., Barrington High School parent

Comprehensive Plan

Unlimited student contact to develop a strategy for best optimizing strengths including:

  • Meet personally with the student and assess student interests, strengths, ambitions and needs
  • Coordination with recruitment for student athletes
  • Assist student in exploring Careers and Majors
  • Provide suggestions for high school courses, extracurricular activities, community service and summer opportunities
  • Assist Student to plan for standardized tests
  • Assist Student in developing a college list to maximize right fit
  • Assist Student to create a timeline of responsibilities and deadlines, including suggestions for time management
  • Assist the Student to prepare an activities resume
  • Assist the Student to prepare for college visits for maximum benefit
  • Provide application guidance and review
  • Provide essay assistance including strategies, brainstorming and editing
  • Provide guidance for obtaining Letters of recommendation
  • Provide Interview preparation
  • Provide guidance for maximizing financial aid and scholarships
  • Provide wait list or deferral strategies
  • Provide college selection guidance
  • Provide transition to college tips and advice
  • Will be available on a reasonable basis to answer questions from the student and family


Essay Writing and Other Specific Projects on Hourly Rate

Consultation advice for areas to be determined in advance.

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Set Up for Success

“Cheryl worked with both of my sons and not only was her guidance managing the process and finding the right school invaluable, but she understood their personalities and strengths in a way that she could translate that to schools that were the best fit and where they would be set up for success.”

—Jackie B., Westmont High School parent