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What does it take to get your student into a college where they can thrive?

Comprehensive Plan

A soup-to-nuts,  everything-it-takes, truly comprehensive plan tailored to each student's strengths for the best outcome, with the least stress, for students and families:
  • Meet with student and assess student interests, strengths, ambitions and needs
  • Identify unique student goals or interests
  • Coordinate with recruitment for student-athletes
  • Assist student in exploring Careers and Majors
  • Provide suggestions for high school courses, extracurricular activities, community service, and summer opportunities
  • Assist student in exploring research, competitions, internships, projects, workshops, classes, and/or volunteer opportunities
  • Assist student to plan for standardized tests
  • Assist student in developing a college list to maximize right fit
  • Assist student to create a timeline of responsibilities and deadlines, including suggestions for time management
  • Assist student to prepare an activities resume
  • Assist student to prepare for college visits for maximum benefit
  • Provide application guidance and review
  • Provide essay assistance including strategies, brainstorming, and editing
  • Provide guidance for obtaining letters of recommendation
  • Provide interview preparation
  • Provide guidance for maximizing financial aid and scholarships
  • Provide waitlist or deferral strategies
  • Provide college selection guidance
  • Provide college transition tips and advice
  • Available on a reasonable basis to answer questions from the student and family
Contact Cheryl to get started on a comprehensive plan.

Consulting [Hourly Rate]

Contract with Chamberlain College Consulting for a specific student need. Examples include:
  • Essay writing
  • Choosing a major
  • Many of the Comprehensive Plan options can be contracted for individually, contact Cheryl with specifics  and we will be in touch to discuss options and our availability to consult with you.

Complimentary Assistance

Access our Resources Page.
  • for tips & tricks
  • videos on important topics that college-bound students face
  • and more.
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