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6 Essential Campus Safety Tips Every Prospective College Student Know

Campus safety is one aspect of evaluating a good fit between a student and a college. More than ever before, parents and students are asking their counselors, “How safe is that campus?” Any college choice should include some research into campus safety.

Here is what to consider and what to do:

City/Crime – It’s a fact that there is more crime in a larger city. Is the student prepared to learn and practice the street smarts that are essential for living in a large city? If not, then a campus within a large city is not a good fit.

Town/Gown Relations – This is the term used for how well the college and its surrounding area get along with each other. Not only can you ask your college representative about this, but you can ask townspeople. Any good college visit should include a trip to a local restaurant and shops. Ask locals how they feel about the college.

Active Protests – Does the school you are considering have active protests? Has anyone been harmed? What actions has the administration taken to ensure safety? These are all questions you can ask your college representative. You can also check with a professional consultant for the latest on which campuses have active protests.

General Safety Measures – It’s always a good idea to ask college representatives what measures the college takes to keep students safe. You can also ask students if they feel safe when you visit. Also, consider how strict a college might be about enforcement of its own rules.

Special Populations – If the student is a member of any minority or marginalized group, that student may have special concerns. Below are some examples of those groups and where to get information about campus safety.

Other Considerations – The student or family may also have some additional priorities or concerns that affect the student’s sense of well-being on campus. Some examples and resources are listed below.

Whenever a student and family are researching colleges, it is important to do your homework on campus safety. Make sure you do your own research and consult with your education professionals.



Cheryl Chamberlain

Principal Consultant,
Chamberlain College Consulting

I've posted some resources on this site to help students and families, but there's SO much to know. If you have gotten to the point you need professional help, I'm here for you!


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